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Premier HVAC Systems to Add to Your Home

With Griffiths Mechanical of Jonesville, MI you'll find a variety of Mitsubishi single-room and multi-room solutions that can be installed in your home to solve all of your cooling and heating needs. Call us today to receive a FREE estimate that you'll value!

 •  Wall-mount

 •  Wall-mount deluxe

 •  Horizontal ducted

 •  Ceiling-recessed

 •  Outdoor units

 •  Multi-positioned ducted

 •  Floor mount

Types of HVAC Systems for Your Home:

Do you have an air conditioning system you're currently using and you feel its time to give it a tune-up?


Give us call today and schedule a tune-up with our experienced staff that's ready to assist you.

Tune-ups for Your A/C System

Learn about the new installation warranty available to you:


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